Our goal is to rejuvenate neglected buildings, or build quality infill residences, that integrate a site within established urban neighborhoods. We strive to develop unique spaces that reflect each home owner’s personal style, creating homes that reflect the surrounding neighbourhoods and contribute to the vibrant urban community.


The Redevelopment Group Ltd. has been developing real estate in the area since 1992 beginning with the La Clairiere project at Mont Tremblant and has built more than 200 homes.


Projects such as Wallis House, Le St.Denis, Archive Square and Cathcart Lane are good examples of how we have transformed older buildings from our past, into spectacular modern living space while retaining the original architecture.


Infill townhome projects include Le St. Denis, Main Street, 32 Douglas Ave, Montcalm Terrace, Archive Square, Cathcart Lane, 309 Britannia,  Ashburn Drive, Tavistock and Alpine.


The Redevelopment Group develops extraordinary living space for  fortunate purchasers.